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The idea of completing an amicable divorce quickly at minimum cost is attractive. Uncontested divorce is an option for some, and we will be happy to explain the procedure and our fees for handling your case.

Even when uncontested divorce is the answer for you, we believe strongly that you should consult a qualified family law attorney. There are several key advantages over attempting to handle this important matter on your own, whether online or through a legal “service center”:

  • If complications arise and you face contested issues, you will have a legal resource who understands the basics of your case.
  • You can be fully informed about legal rights you may be giving up and other issues you have not considered.
  • You will have assurance that all legal procedures are followed correctly and your legal obligations are met.

Protecting Your Interests When Disputes Arise

Uncontested divorce is not as common as you might think. For example, we have seen many cases in which one parent believes the other will not contest child custody, only to be surprised by how aggressively he or she pursues it once the process begins.

Commitments made under emotional stress often do not hold up. With over 30 years of experience in Colorado courts, lawyer Kenton D. Kinnaird is well qualified to assess your specific situation.

In addition to custody and visitation, common sources of disagreement are property division and child support or alimony. Many divorce cases have become contested over an issue as seemingly minor as who will pay a single outstanding bill. As a dispute escalates, there may even be allegations or instances of domestic violence that affect your dissolution of marriage.

Balancing Cost and the Value of Defending Your Rights

We will support you in obtaining the most efficient, cost-effective divorce possible. But it is our obligation to emphasize to you that agreeing to let your divorcing spouse “set it all up” can involve major risk to your future well-being.

Divorce is a major step, even when both parties agree it should happen. To learn what you need to know about uncontested and contested divorce, please contact us for a free consultation at our offices in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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