Knowledge of Colorado Domestic Violence Laws

Few situations call more urgently for a calm, compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer than those involving domestic violence. If you are a victim of spousal abuse or your children are at risk, you must take assertive action to get a protective order. If you have been accused of domestic violence, underestimating the consequences can be a costly mistake.

Count on Us for Aggressive Advocacy

Our Colorado Springs, Colorado, attorneys will respond quickly to you on any issue involving a restraining order or domestic violence. We will listen without making judgments and apply decades of combined experience to form a clear plan for action on your behalf. Please contact us immediately for the legal help you need.

For good reasons, our courts and other institutions take allegations of domestic violence very seriously. We are very familiar with the procedures necessary to obtain restraining orders — and with the nuances of how allegations of domestic violence can affect a divorce.

If You Face False Allegations, Act Now to Protect Your Future

We also have experience in defending people against false allegations of domestic violence, including situations when one party is seeking leverage in a child custody/visitation dispute or other issues at stake in a divorce. It is critical to seek advice from a law firm with both family law and criminal defense experience because any or all of the following may be at stake for you:

  • Your current job status — especially if you are a member of the military or a police officer — and your future ability to secure employment in teaching or many other fields
  • Your Second Amendment right to possess firearms
  • A previously clean criminal and public record
  • The outcome of a divorce case, especially on issues of child custody and visitation

– Informed and straightforward domestic violence legal counsel –