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Under Colorado law, it is possible to be married without ever having a ceremony or obtaining a formal license. Colorado law recognizes common law marriage, and our courts preside over divorces when these relationships break up. Property division, custody, child support and maintenance are commonly disputed issues when this happens.

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Will Colorado Courts Recognize a Common Law Marriage in Your Case?

It is important to recognize that how long your relationship lasted is not a determining factor in whether a judge or court will recognize your common law marriage. Like any other marriage, such a union could last one month or 30 years.

Having lived together is a requirement, but it does not matter how long you did so. Some of the factors a Colorado court will consider are:

  • Did you hold yourself out to the public and to witnesses, such as friends and neighbors, as married?
  • Did you file joint tax returns or share a health insurance policy naming your partner as your spouse?
  • Did you sign an Affidavit of Common Law Marriage or similar document, typically when applying for benefits enjoyed by married couples?

Navigating the Legal System and Delivering Honest, Trustworthy Counsel

Common law marriage and it’s dissolution is a complex area of the law. No one statute explains all the requirements or implications of common law marriage. Whether you wish to confirm or disclaim that you were married, our attorneys can help sort out the details and build your case.

We have substantial experience representing individuals in divorce proceedings after a common law marriage

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