Proven Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer in Colorado Springs and Pueblo

When families break up, parents and other family members face a wide range of concerns over maintaining close relationships with children they love. Specifically, grandparents’ rights have been left undefined and unconsidered in many cases, with heart-wrenching results.

Whether you are a mother or father involved in a child custody dispute or a close relative seeking to gain and assert child visitation rights you feel are in a child’s best interest, you can contact us to discuss the situation and your legal options. Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, our respected law firm has been handling complex family law issues since 1977.

Assessing Your Case and Likelihood of Success

In many states, courts are noncommittal or generally unfavorable on the subject of grandparents wishing to obtain legal child visitation rights. This can be a difficult, uphill battle. We strongly encourage grandparents to make their wishes clear to a son or daughter facing divorce and to combine visitation time as much as possible. This is the most practical and affordable way to assure continued contact with your grandchildren.

Every family law case is unique, however, and you may have encountered tragedy or misfortune that justifies grandparent visitation rights through the court system.

Experience and Diligence — All the Way to the Supreme Court

Our law firm, led by respected attorney Kenton D. Kinnaird, follows our mantra, “aggressive and experienced” in dealing with your parental rights or grandparent rights matter. While we absolutely support prioritizing the best interest of the child, we are adept at and diligent in making certain your rights and perspective are brought into view.

In fact, Kenton D. Kinnaird took a recent grandparents’ rights case through appeal and all the way to the Colorado Supreme Court. In this precedent-setting case, Mr. Kinnaird struck a blow for common sense and the value of family and heritage in children’s lives.

– Every family law case is unique and we can help –