Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado, Child Custody Lawyers

Arriving at a child custody and visitation arrangement that everyone accepts is often the most difficult aspect of a divorce. The attorneys and staff at our family law firm will empathize with your need to cope with major life changes and make far-reaching decisions. Please contact us for strong counsel and representation in your divorce with minor children, beginning with a free initial consultation.

Valuing Both Mothers’ and Fathers’ Parental Rights

We understand how important it is for you to protect, care for, and be actively involved with your children. Our attorneys have practiced in courts across Colorado for many years, maintaining a firm grasp of how divorce and child custody laws are applied. We help parents with a range of goals, including:

  • Pursuing primary custody, with the other parent granted specific visitation rights and ordered to pay child support
  • Advocating for joint or sole legal custody, protecting your right to provide input on major decisions about your children’s education, health care and activities
  • Negotiating a shared custody arrangement, which requires demonstrating that you and your ex-spouse can cooperate effectively
  • Working out a beneficial visitation schedule
  • Ensuring your concerns about the well-being of your children are taken into account if domestic violence or other serious problems are involved

Financially Conscious Attorneys for Your Child Custody Matter

Colorado law does not grant preference to either parent in custody matters. But it remains common for mothers to assume greater child-rearing responsibilities in many families, especially for young children — and this may be a factor in your case. You can rely on our experience to help you form realistic expectations and a plan of action.

Legal costs and fees can accumulate quickly in a child custody dispute. Many judges rely heavily on a guardian ad litem assigned to gather information and advocate for your children. In some cases, investigators, counselors and other professional resources may also be involved and must be compensated. At Kinnaird & Kinnaird, P.C., we will help you gauge your likelihood of success and potential costs for pursuing the outcome you want.

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