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Life is full of challenges, and being divorced can make dealing with some problems even more intimidating. If something important has changed in your life, or you know of a major change affecting your ex-spouse or children, you may be able to obtain a modification of orders changing the current support or visitation order in your divorce case. Our Colorado Springs, Colorado, law firm is also a good resource for child support enforcement.

Post divorce Legal Counsel When You Need It Most

Are you struggling to pay child support due to a job loss or other change in circumstances — or going without necessities because your ex-spouse is not paying court-ordered child support? Are you a noncustodial parent worried about your children due to suspected domestic violence or other serious problems in your ex-spouse’s home?
These situations call for immediate action, and our experienced family law attorneys will hear you out and carefully explain your legal options and likelihood of success.

Child Support Enforcement or Modification — Changing Visitation or Custody

In our decades of practice throughout Colorado, including El Paso, Pueblo, Freemont, Elbert and Teller County, we have helped men and women resolve stressful problems by:

  • Obtaining a child custody modification or change in visitation orders to protect and serve the best interests of children
  • Petitioning for a modification of child support or spousal maintenance/alimony based on a significant change in financial circumstances for either party
  • Providing sound legal counsel in matters of child support enforcement, whether our client needs to compel an ex-spouse to pay or deal with a notice of child support enforcement actions against him or her

Prompt, decisive action can be critical!

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