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Divorce Lawyers in Colorado Springs

We are family law attorneys Colorado Springs can trust. Kinnaird & Kinnard, P.C., helps people who are facing divorce and a wide range of other family law challenges in the region of Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado. We capably represent men and women across economic and cultural spectrums, including many clients in our military services.

You can talk to us about your legal problems and a course of action — for a free initial consultation call 719-520-0003. Our mission is to identify and move forward with a solution that works for you, both personally and financially.

Applying decades of experience, we strive to be a source of knowledgeable legal counsel for people dealing with divorce and family law issues. Led by a thirty-year veteran of tough negotiations and trials in Colorado courts, our three experienced, approachable attorneys are well equipped to handle nearly any family law matter.

  • 7 Signs Your Spouse Is Preparing for Divorce (& It’s Time to Call a Lawyer)

7 Signs Your Spouse Is Preparing for Divorce (& It’s Time to Call a Lawyer)


7 Signs Your Spouse Is Preparing for Divorce (& It’s Time to Call a Lawyer) Knowing the red flags associated with a spouse preparing to file for divorce can help you take action ASAP to start your own preparations – and put the groundwork in place to protect [...]

  • How to Cut Your Divorce Costs

How to Cut Your Divorce Costs: 4 Tips for Reducing the Cost of Divorce in Colorado


How to Cut Your Divorce Costs The financial costs of divorce can be reined in when people take certain steps before and/or during the process. If you are serious about managing the costs of your divorce and keeping them as low as possible, doing the following can be [...]

We focus on divorce and family law to help the well-being of citizens from Woodland Park and Palmer Lake to Pueblo, Colorado, and throughout the region. We are maintaining and building upon a strong tradition of representing people with strength, compassion and conscience.

We are a close-knit, collaborative group of professionals who combine legal education with a wealth of experience. Our entire firm is committed to providing personal, caring service and delivering the effort that gets results for you.

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